lyerThere had never been anything like it. Late Sunday, September 14, Hurricane Odile—a category 4—made landfall as the most powerful storm in the modern history of Baja California Sur. It brought with it winds that soared to 125 miles per hour and rains that pounded the peninsula for more than six straight hours.

Homes and businesses were destroyed. Trees were uprooted. And all communication was lost as the deadly Hurricane Odile tore a path of destruction from Los Cabos to La Paz and points as far north as Santa Rosalía, San Ignacio, and beyond.

The estimates continue to evolve, but there were millions of dollars in damage across Los Cabos. The storm was not kind to businesses along Medano Beach, and here at Mango Deck, we felt the full force of Hurricane Odile. Some 60 percent of our structure was destroyed or heavily affected, most notably Lupe’s Grill, the beach, and our two side bars.

The deck was decimated. Our roof was shredded. Walls crumbled. The storm tore through our boutique as well as the storage area holding all the beers and spirits. And equipment was everywhere. (You can see a gallery of the extraordinary damage on our Facebook page.)

But, just like the rest of Los Cabos, we are unstoppable. Thanks to the incredible hard work of the Mango Deck staff, we were able to reopen in just 15 days! But the thanks don’t end there: Thank you to the CFE (for restoring power), President Peña Nieto, CONAGUA, SEMAR, SEDENA, TELMEX, SECTUR, the federal police (Gendarmeria Division), and the Mexican Army and Navy. Mango Deck—and, more importantly, Los Cabos—could not have recovered with the speed we have without the major contributions of these government entities.

Now we are thrilled to be ready and able to welcome you back to your favorite spot on the beach. See you soon!