Annual Events

According to it’s commitment of delivering clients the best service possible, Mango Deck also offer Special Events all year. This mean important dates are involved in a matter of giving people the opportunity to celebrate them.

Yeah.. either if you’re from America or other country, you are invited to join us and get to know a little bit more of our traditions. Other important dates like Thanks Giving Day and New Year Eve celebrations are also included.

Mango Deck also provide group events for incentive agencies or any family that plans to organize an special event for their guests. Our facility is for up to 300 pax. aprox; an any kind of party or theme event can be done.

Please let us know about your plans!




We Run the main fight on our 20 plasma and 3 big screens, and we have all the beer you may need, no need to mention the snacks and the pretty cuties that are just sun tanning on our beach.


2 x 1 domestic beer and drinks, plus our 20 plasmas and 3 big screens, what else you could need for a great super bowl game.

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4th OF JULY 2016

Fireworks and live music, and lots of food on our buffet set up right on hte beach so you can celebrate USA’s most important date; even while on Mexico!!!

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NEW YEARS EVE 2016-2017

Medano Beach is the best place to be during a New Year Party, lots of fun, great music thousand of dollars in fire works !!!! its just perfect. the richest and must famous people always come to Cabo for this special date, why don’t you do the same.

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